Meet the founder

Do what you love is what Marlies Gregorius is thriving for in life. Her passion for brows started with her own browbar serveral years ago. By coincidence she started a succesfull Wholesale / Academy business and started sharing her love for beauty with other professionals.

Marlies couldn’t find a high quality, affordable, vegan, cruelty free brow brand so after years of designing and development B’KATE COSMETICS was born and introduced to the world in 2019!

OUR mission is to support, encourage, compliment and cheer on fellow women (don’t forget the men) in business and personal life and do it all with an inspiring amount of love and grace while looking your best!

B’KATE COSMETICS stands for confidence, ambitious, strong, authentic, beautiful go getters with and edge. B’KATE COSMETICS is a Brow Beauty Brand that is growing internationally and every day new Beauty Professionals start working with B’KATE COSMETICS. This year a lot is happening for B’KATE COSMETICS with our new investors we are reaching fort he stars with new products, a whole new team, a new HQ and many new countries joining B’KATE like: B’KATE USA, B’KATE MEXICO, B’KATE GERMANY, B’KATE UK, and we can’t wait to have many more salons & professionals working with our amazing brand!

With love,

Marlies & Roosmarijn